Two CC’s Please


Two CC’s Please


brett-thetastebud Bodega Saavedra WineWhen I woke up yesterday, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. Obviously, the mystery would be revealed and time would tell — it always does! I didn’t know what would come to pass, because in my dream I was being given a few CC’s of something…but then I woke up. As it turned out, those two CC’s I dreamt about were Corucho and Chulo, so the only question left was, “With what delicious cuisine would Yumi choose to pair our bonny little CC’s later that evening?”

After we arrived at Izakaya in Guardamar del Segura, Alicante, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, we took our seats and awaited the start of the evening’s festivities. The house was packed and the aroma coming from Yumi’s kitchen was so heavenly, I was beginning to wonder if Yumi was cooking some manna back there. I couldn’t wait to find out what the menu was for the evening!

brett-thetastebud Chulo wineYumi’s menu for the evening kicked off with a simple, but elegant, Beef Carpaccio with Yumi’s very own salmorejo purée, followed by an aromatic and mouthwatering plate of sautéed foie gras & poached pears. Yumi’s appetizers were paired with one of our bonita amigas from the famous Spanish Wine Region of Castile La Mancha, Bodega Ecológica Luis Saavedra’s Albillo – Moscatel, Corucho 2016: D.O. Vinos de Madrid. Yumi’s heaven sent entrée for the evening was an absolutely magnificent roasted rack of lamb served with sautéed potatoes and a nice taboulé. Our entrée was paired with another very attractive Spanish friend, who is also from the famed Spanish Wine region of Castile La Mancha, Luis Saavedra’s Garnacha Centenaria, Chulo 2015: D.O. Vinos de Madrid. Then our Yumi postre was an impressive profiterole (cream puff), topped off with our usual relaxing cup of café con leche.

Javi uncorked our 1st bonny lass, the always lovely Lady Corucho and allowed her to breathe a little before her golden-blonde grape elixir flowed into our glasses. It wasn’t long and Yumi was right there with our Carpaccio appetizers. Yumi had prepared plates of 4 thinly sliced, round medallions of raw beef tenderloin: 3 were layed out flat and 1 was rolled up in the center like an origami rose. The tenderloin was snuggled up against Yumi’s delicious salmorejo purée, with its small pieces of queso Manchego, topped with arugula: Yumi’s 1st appetizer was beautifully presented and very inviting; it was a wonderful sight to behold!

brett-thetastebud Izakaya Restaurant

I almost hated to eat the pretty picture on my plate, but the pleasant fruity aroma wafting from my vision of Saavedra’s lightly golden-haired beauty was weakening my resolve. After a lingering taste or two of Señorita Corucho’s perfectly balanced elegance, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer! Yumi’s Beef Carpaccio was as flawless as Srta. Corucho’s refinement; Yumi’s thinly sliced beef tenderloin was so choice and her own salmorejo purée topped with aged Manchego cheese bits and arugula was so flavorful, when combined with the sweet fruits of my Rubia, my dear Dulcinea del Corucho, the experience transcended all bounds of incredulity. When I brought the curves of her delicate body and sweet smoothness to my lips, I almost fell off my chair. Yumi’s Beef Carpaccio paired perfectly with our lovely and enchanting fair Lady Corucho — dare I say that I was overflowing with feelings of delight and sensual gratification!

It wasn’t long and our Carpaccio was gone and it’s needless to say that I was on the edge of my seat awaiting Yumi’s next course. After a short respite and a little more of Bodega Ecológica Luis Saavedra’s Albillo – Moscatel, Javier arrived with Yumi’s 2nd appetizer: grilled foie gras and poached pears with a gorgeous red berry coulis.

I was starting to feel as though I had visited a museum of fine art as I gazed upon our picture-perfect table. If it hadn’t been for the scent of the sautéed foie gras appetizer beckoning me to put it in my mouth, I would have thought I was at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, but there’s neither touching, nor tasting allowed at the Prado Museum — it’s a ‘voyeurs only’ zone! No, I was definitely at Izakaya Restaurant and Yumi was creating one excruciatingly unbelievable, yet palatable masterpiece after another.

brett-thetastebud sautéed foie gras

The mixture of flavors of the butter, garlic and touch of brandy on the freshly sautéed foie gras was wonderful. Yumi set the foie gras atop fan cut perfectly poached pears, that was decorated with a sprig of thyme and the sautéed garlic chips from the pan. Yumi’s red berry coulis was the perfect delicious finishing touch for our “Artista de Comidas” latest showpiece! As I tasted Yumi’s foie gras appetizer my heart fluttered, then when Señorita Corucho returned to my lips, the feeling of her hot, soft, full body made my heart melt again; she was one wondrous sensation after another: her scent and taste were sublime! Yumi had paired our sweetheart Saavedra with her impeccable appetizers; the explosion of flavors on my palate was a fantastic experience. Of course it didn’t take long and our bottle of Corucho, as well as Yumi’s appetizers, were gone. There was only one thing left to do, wait for the next round of fun to begin!

Like always, Javier was right on the ball, he was at our table with another Saavedra Spanish knockout: Chulo. Javi uncorked our luscious Lady Chulo and let her breathe for a few minutes while we chatted. Izakaya was teeming with activity and everyone was loving Yumi’s fine cuisine; it really was turning into a very pleasant evening! Once our Barman poured Chulo’s alluring deep cherry red wine into our glasses, I fondly remembered our last encounter.

Our 2nd bonny lass, Chulo, reminded me of a morenaza beauty with deep red, almost purple highlights that shimmered in the moonlight. Her fragrance captivated me as her graceful full body moved closer to me, she was irresistable! I couldn’t bear to wait and see how she tasted with my entrée.

brett-thetastebud Yumi Kurachi cuisine

As luck had it, Javier’s timely arrival at our table with Yumi’s roasted rack of lamb and taboulé was perfect. There can be no doubt that I was agape as I sat there with Yumi’s pièce de résistance in front of me! It was Yumi’s 3rd masterpiece of the evening and I was in awe. The aroma coming off my plate was so tantalizing, I could barely contain myself.

To say that Yumi’s roasted lamb was mouthwatering, is to do her dish a disservice; it was by far the best lamb dinner I have ever eaten, at least so far — and I have eaten a lot of lamb! The succulent flavor of the tender cordero asado and potatoes sautéed in garlic and parsley, served with Yumi’s taboulé of sautéed peppers, chickpeas, carrots, zucchini, paper-thin slices of eggplant and an exotic mix of mushrooms, was most definitely a delectable experience!

brett-thetastebud fine cuisineI had to know how our reddish-purple highlighted brunette Madrileña paired with Yumi’s lamb entrée. Our Lady Chulo is very cool, the way she nearly fell into my arms as I reached for her, and when she touched my lips, I knew she was heaven sent. Our Spanish vixen was a pure delight of wondrous flavors who tickled my palate; my tongue tingled with delight at her fruity long aftertaste; our sexy Chulo is a bombshell and her finish was as fabulous as it was smooth — I thought I died and went to heaven! But I knew I was at Izakaya Restaurant and I knew it was Yumi who was preparing one delicacy after another.

Both Bodega Ecológica Luis Saavedra and Yumi came through for us again. Yumi’s cuisine was the usual first-rate fare and our lovely Saavedra Spanish sisters were a delight to enjoy for an evening — what can I say other than, “¡Encantado!”

brett-thetastebud wine pairingI’m not sure if Javi had to refill our bread 2 or 3 times, but I do know there wasn’t a speck left on my plate (or the bones)! As we sat back after feasting on Yumi’s delicious cuisine with our two charming lovely lady friends: Saavedra’s Corucho and Chulo, I could tell there was an air of contentment throughout Izakaya. What a wonderfully delicious and gratifying evening it had been. My thoughts were so absorbed with the fine dining experience we just had, I completely forgot all about our Yumi postre. It was fortunate for us that Yumi didn’t!

The next thing I know, Javier is singing and waltzing across the floor with what appeared to be a Yumi mountain of wonder. Yumi’s profiterole was an immense cairn of cream puffs and Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates with a string couverture of caramel to hold it together; it was truly an incredible sight to feast your eyes on and I must admit, the taste was equal to the vision! Yumi’s postre was so rich and delicious, I thought I was going to happily explode! Our café con leche was the perfect match for Yumi’s encore presentation.

brett-thetastebud Guardamar del Segura Spain

The next time you visit Spain’s beautiful Costa Blanca, be sure to stop by Guardamar del Segura and have yourself a taste at any one of their fine restaurants. Unfortunately, Izakaya closed last night for the final time and I will miss Yumi’s delicious cuisine and Izakaya Restaurant — my taste bud’s already regret Izakaya’s closing. I wish my friend Yumi all the best in her future endeavors.

Brett-thetastebud wine pairing
Yumi Kurachi

Until next time, this is The Taste Bud saying adiós and…

brett-thetastebud Izakaya wine pairingbrett-thetastebud


Chef Yumi Kurachi
Izakaya Restaurant




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