Our Final Wine Pairing of 2017


Our Final Wine Pairing of 2017


We’re hours away from January 2018 here in Comunidad Valenciana on Spain’s beautiful Mediterranean coast, so we decided to pop the cork on a bottle of Spanish Wine and pair it with some home-cooking to prepare ourselves for the festivities! Although we’re sticking to the basics tonight and this is our last chance in 2017 for a wine pairing event, our little taste of something smooth and red should prove to be more than just an average vino. We chose a bottle of Casa de las Especias Petit Verdot – Syrah, Tinto 2016, from the charming and grand little wine region Murcia: D.O. Yecla.

Our menu for tonights in-home wine pairing event will be boiled potatoes, sliced and sautéed in Spanish Olive Oil with garlic and red and green peppers, portobello mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic, New York steaks with Roquefort sauce and a baguette. Our grand fireworks finale for the evening will be a slice of Natasha’s explosively delicious pastel at Cervecería ALONE in Guardamar del Segura — but we’re going to have to wait and see what tasty morsel Natasha has in store for us! Of course, we’ll have a relaxing cup of café con leche to top it all off.

We uncorked our Casa de las Especias and let it breathe for a few minutes while we set our food on the table. Our Petit Verdot – Syrah’s aroma was rather fragrant; it was a pleasant mix of red berries and fine old oak. The Especias had a nice body and a near-purplish, violet color in my glass, it was very appealing — the Petit Verdot variety of grapes are typically used in classic Bordeaux blends. The aroma and taste weren’t overpowering, the wine was a well balance of flavors; the wonderful berry taste was delightful mixture with the mild, yet rich taste of the old oak barrel on just the sides and tip of my tongue. Our Casa de las Especias Wine was fruity, smooth and delicious. I was looking forward to tasting our Vino Tinto with our dinner.

I didn’t know where to begin, so I started with a crispy slice of sautéed potato. The garlic and the peppers on the slices were wonderful. Then I heard those sautéed portobello mushrooms calling me: the were meaty and full of butter and garlic flavor. I couldn’t wait any longer, I cut into my New York steak topped with Roquefort cheese sauce and took a bite: it was so tender and juicy, with the added flavor of the salsa Roquefort, it was absolutely marvelous! I’m sorry to say the real cream (nata) I used was cold. My Roquefort sauce didn’t really separate, but it was thick, when it’s supposed to be smooth and flowing off the steak. Fortunately, it was still flavorful!

Once I happily tasted everything, I decided I better dip my beak into my glass of Red Wine. Our Casa de las Especias paired beautifully with the flavor of our New York steaks and Roquefort sauce; Especias’ nose was still the same lovely scent and its flavor mixed well on my pallet with our food. The wine maintained its well balanced nature throughout our meal. I felt like royalty sitting there by the Sea feasting on a filete de lomo alto con salsa Roquefort paired with a kingly vino like Casa de las Especias’ Petit Verdot – Syrah that flaunts its majestic color!

So far, our final wine pairing event of 2017 was working out great. Our local carnicería provided us with some outstanding filetes de ternera, our sautéed portobello mushrooms tasted earthy and were made to order, and our boiled potatoes, sliced and sautéed in Spanish Olive Oil with peppers was a fine combination. Not to mention, the entire meal was quick and easy to prepare. Thanks to Casa de las Especias’ pleasing Petit Verdot – Syrah, Tinto 2016, our experience was amazing!



There was still one thing left for us to do, throw on our jackets and head on over to Cervecería ALONE and ask Pastry Chef Natasha what kind of pleasing pastel she had stashed away! As much as I would like to speculate as to the various possibilities which we might encounter, I think it would be best to just wait and see what astonishing slice of creamy wonder Natasha has prepared — I know she has something delicious!

Much to our delight, Natasha had recently made a brand new cake! It was a chocolate cake with a fluffy rich cream filling and chocolate icing — my favorite: chocolate! After a few moments, Natasha presented two gorgeous slices of her pastel de chocolate con nata.

They were breathtaking! Our plates were beautifully decorated with whip cream, mint leaf, strawberry syrup and sprinkles (Natasha knows I like sprinkles). Once Natasha set our café con leche down, we dug in to those supremely delicious slices of cake. Natasha’s pastel de chocolate was moist and savory. Her real cream filling was thick and rich it was a perfect match for both her chocolate cake and icing. Our café con leche went great with Natasha’s pastel de chocolate con nata and it was a fine conclusion to our final wine pairing event of 2017.

Our Casa de las Especias Petit Syrah, Tinto 2016 was great, but I have to tell you, it was even better the following day! I can’t wait to uncork our next bottle of Pasqual’s Fine Wine artwork in 2018.

Don’t forget to stop by Cervecería ALONE in Guardamar del Segura on Alicante’s coast when you’re on vacation to sunny España and have yourself a nice slice of Pastry Chef Natasha’s heartwarming delicacies! Call Cervecería ALONE.

Pastel de Chocolate con Nata

I do hope you all had a good 2017, and I hope you will all have an even better 2018!


Until next time, this is The Taste Bud saying adiós and…



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