Special 16 Liter Bottle: The Sum of Wine and Art

brett-thetastebud AurumRed
AurumRed Wine Botella Especial
Value of the wine:
Being 17000 € the value of a bottle Gold Series, it is estimated that 20 bottles that are included within these 16 liters makes a total of 340000 €.

Value of the bottle:
The wine plus the art of the great artist Alberto Rodriguez Serrano.

brett-thetastebud AurumRed
brett-thetastebud aurumred wine


Offers are accepted from the price: 340000€.
The duration of the offer will NOT be 2 months, or 3 months, BUT FOUR (4) MONTHS! The start date will be February 15, 2018.
Once that time has passed, the special bottle will be awarded to the largest offer that exceeds the price 340000€. THAT WILL BE THE END OF JUNE 2108, according to AurumRed Wines.
The Special Bottle will be automatically awarded to the offer that exceeds by 30% the last existing offer, but this did not happen so there will be an extra 2 months of the offering.
brett-thetastebud AurumRed

Technical Data

For this production, a variety of: Tempranillo 100% and more than 100 years old vines, every grape is carefully selected. Only 300 bottles can be produced every year because there is no more quantity and it is impossible to reproduce any more vines with these 100 years of existence. Therefore, the production is very limited to this small amount, being the most exclusive wine and impossible to repeat.
AurumRed is a unique wine because there are no more vineyards from that time in unrivaled land like this one. AurumRed Gold Series is unique, like what comes with it: a noble wood made box with an exclusive design. This jewel is signed in 18K gold by the wine's author, designed by renowned jewelers certifying its originality.
brett-thetastebud aurumred wines
brett-thetastebud AurumRed vine


Alcoholic grade: 14.5% Vol.
Acetic acid: o.66 g/L
Total Acidity (in Tartaric Acid): 4.49 g/L
Tartaric stability: Stable
IPT: 69.5
Sulfur dioxide Free: 20 mg/L

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