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August 1, 2018

U.S. Exclusive for AurumRed Wines

Bacchus USA AurumRed Wines
Bacchus USA Copyright © 2018 Bacchus USA

August 1, 2018

AurumRed Wines signs Bacchus USA as Exclusive Representative and Importer for the United States of America!

"The World's Most Exclusive and Expensive Wine"

AurumRed Gold Series

For Immediate Release:

AurumRed Wines / Ultra - Premium - Fine Wines / US Exclusive Agreement Signed / Bacchus USA

Location: Bodega AurumRed, Cuenca, La Mancha, Spain

Date: August 1, 2018

AurumRed Wines of Cuenca, La Mancha, Spain:

We are extremely proud to announce, for the first time in our Bodega's history, we have named the Marketing and PR Firm, Bacchus USA of Suisun City, CA as our Exclusive Representative and Importer in the United States of America for our Legendary AurumRed Gold Series and Silver Series Premium Wines.

Coming soon to the United States is the limited production and supply of our premium AurumRed Wines; AurumRed produces only 300 bottles of the Gold Series and 6,000 bottles of the Silver Series annually. The delicate care given to each plant ensures and maintains the highest quality standards of the AurumRed Brand; the Founder of Bodega AurumRed Wines, Hilario Garcia, carefully and personally selects & picks each grape by hand from AurumRed's 100+ year old Vines of the autochthonous Cenibel variety – each grape must be perfect to become AurumRed Gold Series, the most expensive wine in the world!

AurumRed Gold Series

Because AurumRed wine is perfect, the bottles of wine never leave our vaults until they are purchased; AurumRed Wines are maintained and pampered under the perfect conditions and temperature the entire time they are at the Bodega, guaranteeing AurumRed wine remains the epitome of perfection.

Two unique characteristics of AurumRed Wines make it the only wine on Earth where you can turn your cup to the right and get some aromas and flavors, but when you turn your cup to the left you get different aromas and flavors. This is the product of years of arduous effort and research!

AurumRed Wines and Bacchus USA shall endeavor to bring you the exclusivity of the world's most luxurious brand of fine wine: AurumRed. We would like to congratulate Bacchus USA as we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!

AurumRed Wine

AurumRed Gold Bacchus USA

AurumRed Wines

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