A Holiday Lunch at Cervecería ALONE


A Holiday Lunch at Cervecería ALONE


We’ve arrived at the holiday season here in Guardamar del Segura Spain on the sunny Costa Blanca. We were in a festive mood, so we decided to stop by my friends’ restaurant, Cervecería Alone, to see what we could do with a bottle of Spanish Wine from the Bodega Ecológica Luis Saavedra, 100 y Cientos Roble 2015, from the famed wine region Castile-La Mancha Spain: D.O. Vinos de Madrid. Fortunately, Oscar was able to find us the last vacant table, which we graciously accepted — December is a bit chilly for the terraza!

The menu for our holiday lunch was a tapa of tortilla de patatas and a side of stuffed aceitunas. Our entrée was chuletas de cordero (lamb chops), patatas fritas, grilled vegetables and pan. Our postre was an incredibly delicious slice of Pastry Chef Natasha’s caqui (persimmon) torta de queso and of course, a café con leche to top it all off!

Oscar uncorked our bottle of 100 y Cientos and let it breath while he got our tapas. After he set the wedges of tortilla and the stuffed Spanish green olives on the table he poured our wine. Our vino was full bodied and it had a deep red, almost purple color in my glass. The aroma and taste of our Saavedra Wine was very woody, but I could still smell the fruit and the wine had a good finish. When I tasted our wine with our tapas the heavy taste of the oak and the fruit was great, so great in fact, that I don’t have any photos of our tapas because the potato omelette and aceitunas stuffed with anchovies were a little too inviting…I knew right away our Spanish Wine was going to be great with our entrée!

It wasn’t long and Oscar arrived at our table with our lunch. He set the two beautiful plates down, filled our glasses with more wine and smiled. Juris must have cooked the chuletas, because they were absolutely fantastic! The meat was tender and full of flavor, the wonderful aroma coming off the grilled meat and rosemary was too much to resist. Even the bones were worth gnawing on for a few minutes (when nobody was looking). Our french fries were salted, golden and crispy. The grilled vegetables Juris cooks are always my favorite: it was a mix of zucchini, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, cauliflower, plus green & red peppers decorated with chive sprigs. We even got a tasty little touch of coleslaw!

When I tasted the 100 y Cientos with the chuletas and the rest of my entrée I was more than just pleased. The woody taste of the wine really brought out the flavor of the meat and grilled vegetables. I think Juris must use sea salt on those grilled veggies, because I just can’t get enough of them; the flavors of the vegetables are always appetizing. When I found myself going for a third refill of wine, I was a little surprised. Usually, I’m not too partial to that powerful oak taste, yet it really paired well with the cordero and the rest of my entrée. Saavedra’s 100 & Cientos would be great with any red meat and I know it would be unbelievable with wildgame!

So far, our festive wine tasting holiday lunch was a success, the Spanish Wine was perfect for our tapas and entrées. Our table was bare and we were looking forward to a slice of Natasha’s creamy, exotic persimmon delight.

Oscar served our café con leche then he presented us with two slices of Natasha’s luscious desserts: caqui cheesecake. The postre was decorated beautifully with whip cream, orange slices, chocolate, mint leaf and some strawberry syrup artwork — which was all very tasty!

Natasha told me she uses the persimmons after they’re soft. What I do know is that Natasha’s torta de queso was fluffy, light and smooth, and the taste of the persimmon was sweet. The caqui topping was excellent, refreshing and very pleasing to my taste buds — but I’m pretty much addicted to the various flavors from the unending number of different types of incredibly delectable cake creations Natasha whips up! I know, it’s rather hard to believe, but some people actually say I’m biased when it comes to eating Natasha’s fabulous cakes.

It’s needless to say our café con leche went well with our postre, just as our tapas and entrées paired great with the 100 & Cientos. The entire afternoon at Cervecería ALONE was a grand success.

Not only am I left wondering what the next bottle of Saavedra Wine is going to taste like paired with something special, but I also wonder what Natasha’s next few cakes will be — whatever mind-blowing creations they are, I’m sure The Taste Bud’s taste buds will be blown away!

Be sure to stop by Cervecería ALONE in Guardamar when you are on your vacation to the Mediterranean and sunny Spain. Remember to try the great food on their menu, but don’t forget to ask about Pastry Chef Natasha’s delightfully outstanding desserts. Call Cervecería ALONE!


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