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brett-thetastebud casa rojoWe were out cruising around the Spanish countryside looking at a few vineyards and taking in the sights when we came across Alfonso Restaurante & Vinos in Pinoso, Alicante. Seeing as how it was getting to be about 3pm in the afternoon, we thought it would be a good idea to have a some lunch and a little something made out of grapes before we headed home.

As we approached the restaurant our spirits lifted, Alfonso’s is definitely an establishment that welcomes it’s patrons in a very inviting manner. Something told me the cuisine and the service was going to be outstanding; I knew we weren’t going to feel like the invisible man while sitting at one of their tables — I couldn’t wait to go inside and see what was on Alfonso’s menu!

I was right, we had arrived; the restaurant was a delightful sight to behold! The decor was classy, but not overdone, the tables were nice and large so we didn’t have to crowd ourselves together, there was a separate comedor in the back, along with an area upstairs and a gentleman waiting to greet and show us to a beautifully set table.

Of course the bar was another story. How can I put this? Alfonso’s bar was a sight for sore eyes as it appeared to be some sort of well-spring of life; it was such a vision of loveliness, I could only think of an oasis in the desert! But Alfonso’s wasn’t a mirage: there were lovely bottles of Spanish Wine everywhere; we found Paradise in Pinoso España!

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The menu for our afternoon wine pairing adventure started off with a little something from the special wine region of Murcia, Spain, D.O. Jumilla; we chose a wonderful 750ml bottle of Bodegas Casa Rojo MachoMan Monastrell 2016 for our event. Our lunch began with a tapa of pan pistola with cups of tomato and aioli, Spanish aceitunas, queso curado delicately adorned with rectangular slices of gelatin and almonds. Our entrée was Bacalao Gratinado (cod au gratin) with pepper cream sauce set aside a stuffed baby artichoke and a plate of French fries on the side. Naturally, we would top our meal off with a relaxing cup of café con leche!

The waiter popped tbrett-thetastebud macho man monastrellhe cork on that big beautiful bottle of MachoMan Monastrell right brett-thetastebud Alfonso restaurante & vinosbefore our very eyes and poured that gorgeous reddish purple juice into our glasses; it was like looking at a gemstone, the color reminded me of a cross between a gleaming garnet and a pomegranate: it was in a word: mesmerizing! The nose of Casa Rojo’s MMM was that of frutas del bosque, red and black forest fruits combined with a hint of spice and it was heavenly. When I tasted the Spanish Wine, I was delighted; MachoMan Monastrell was full bodied, fruity and silky smooth! What a wonderful combination of fruits, currants and spice with a very nice finish — I was starting to understand why some people refer to the MachoMan as the perfect Monastrell!

The waiter had already placed our tapas on the table, but we were just a little too preoccupied with the wine to notice! However, the tapas were delicious, the aceitunas, the cheese with the gelatin and almonds, the pan with cups of tomato and aioli were all so tasty, Alfonso’s appetizers had us ready to eat! While we awaited our entrées, we enjoyed a little more of Bodegas Casa Rojo’s delicious wine.

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We were famished, so it was a good thing the waiter promptly arrived at our table with our entrées! The gentleman presented us with three stunningly picturesque plates of Bacalao Gratinado. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said a “hush” came over the room as our eyes longingly gazed at our table! Our cod au gratin entrées were masterfully cooked with a nice coating of cheese that was browned, sitting in the center of a mouthwatering display of salsa crema de pimiento. Then of course, there was the stuffed baby artichoke snuggled up along side the Bacalao! Naturally, the plate of French fries were outstanding, but that’s what happens when you cook your fries in Spanish Olive Oil!

I’m a big fan of Bacalao, as are most people here in Spain, so the fish was painstakingly prepared to perfection; it was moist and savory, the pepper cream sauce was so good, I’m sorry there wasn’t more! Alfonso’s stuffed baby artichoke was filled with a variety of scrumptious vegetables that were diced so peculiarly precise and perfectly petite, it must have been done under a magnifying glass; that baby artichoke was unbelievably good! Of course, our Spanish Wine from Casa Rojo was pure poetry in our glasses and it paired preciously with our meal. The entire experience made me think one thing: MachoMan Monastrell is the perfect Monastrell!


As we sat back after finishing our wonderful lunch, the thought of dessert crossed our minds, but we had to get back on the road again, so we opted for our usual café con leche which was wonderful.

The next time you’re on vacation to sunny Spain and you find yourself in Pinoso Alicante, don’t forget to stop by Alfonso Restaurante & Vinos in Pinoso España for a delightfully palatable experience and a wonderful meal. And definitely don’t forget to try Bodegas Casa Rojo fantastic Spanish Wine, you’ll be glad you did!

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